Thursday, July 28, 2011

down by the river

the first annual kawnivore came through our town last friday evening. what is a kawnivore you ask? well, basically it's a 100 mile boat race which begins on the kaw river in manhattan, ks and ends on the kansas river in lawrence, ks. we had never heard of such a thing and decided we'd venture down to the river to check it out. the launch was at 5:30pm and the first boat appeared at our river bridge about 8pm. over 120 boats were registered and it was estimated that it would take 22-28 hours to complete the race. i'd be up for a day trip but no way would i want to spend the night on the river. these people are serious! and crazy!

friday night at the river for the 1st annual kawnivore boat race

lots of onlookers

the clipper, a.k.a. the party barge of the evening. this would be my boat of choice!

and how about a little girl power? i cheered for these ladies as they came through.

these guys were the first ones to make the pit was obvious that this wasn't their first rodeo. they had a system and they were fast!
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Anonymous said...

I think you should do it. You and the hubbie :)

when do you head to Washington?

Wren said...

Sign me up! If I load up my yak I can get there in about...oh..a week? Sound like great fun!!

Annie said...

wish I could have been down there to see it. Looks like fun, but I'm with you. I wouldn't want to spend the night on the river! :)