Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long Lake, WA

i'm back! i've ignored this little place all month. honestly, it's been kind of nice.

it's been a very busy month for us - - vacation, moving alison to college, back-to-school for madison and 2 weeks of training in virginia for lawman.  for me, that has meant lots of organization has been required in order to get everyone where they needed to go, with all that they needed, and in a timely fashion.

shall we get you up to speed? vacation was a week in and near spokane, wa visiting family - - parents & siblings. we loved that we got to spend 4 nights with lawman's sister. she and her family live on long lake. what a beautiful place. lots of good times were had, memories made and plans to get together again.

when we returned home, we had just one week to finish preparing to move alison to college. what a lot of work! a blog friend told me months ago that it would take $500 to get her into her dorm room. she wasn't kidding! thank heavens for coupons for bed bath & beyond. i've become a frequent customer! as a matter of fact, i'll be going there today with alison for what i hope to be one last purchase for dorm decorating items!

alison is happy as a clam with campus life! she went through sorority recruitment and pledged a house. she's got a great roommate and absolutely loves her suitemates; it's as if they've been friends their whole life! and, one of them pledged the same house she did so they will now be sister's forever. the one drawback to college life is that lawman and i have been bleeding money for 2 weeks! someone get a band-aid! for all you moms/dads out there who plan to send kids to college someday, plan early otherwise you will find yourself stressed to the hilt and your student saddled in debt. not good. (that is not the situation we are in; thank heavens!)

madison is back at the high school and so far so good. she's looking forward to football season, which officially begins next friday evening, and performing at half-time with the dance team. they've got some new uniform pieces and hair accessories which are very, very cute! she does miss her sister though. i knew that would be a big adjustment but they've been quite good about keeping in touch via texting! it's great to have such an easy way to keep in touch with the college girl.

lawman is in virginia for 2 weeks for training. what an experience! earthquake early this week and a text from him early this morning said "it's here!," meaning hurriane irene had made her presence. he's currently in lockdown until tomorrow. hope everyone weathers the storm out safely.

as for me, i've been busy just trying to keep all my ducks in a row. i have been sure to allow myself some time in the evening for reading. i so need that.

hope you're all doing well and i'll try to keep this spot a little more current in the coming weeks.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I've missed you...I love this little space...xoxox Sounds like life is busy good...glad everyone is doing so well. And that you are taking time for YOU. xoxo

Sharon said...

What part of Virginia is lawman in? We are getting some rain in No. VA, but nothing else yet.

How are you doing with Alison at school?

Yes, you bleed money for quite some time....there is always some, car....(Yes, both my daughters ended up needing cars for practicums at their schools...both are teachers!)

Both of my younger kids are in high school now...only 4 more years.....

Anonymous said...

welcome back :)

you were missed.