Monday, October 10, 2011

my redemption meal

monday night dinner

I have this fabulous assistant in my kitchen. Her name is Crock Pot. She's amazing! I was glad she cooked for us today ~ roast, potatoes, and carrots. So good and oh my, the house smelled amazing.

I was out of town this weekend at a trade show for work.  I failed to plan for weekend meals for the family. They were on their own. I did find remnants of take-out in the trash when I got home. I felt bad for not having home cooked meals available in the fridge/freezer for them but like Lawman says, "we'll survive." And, they did but I felt like I needed to redeem myself. And how do I do that? Well, in my mind the answer is to make an unusually good meal for a Monday night which I did (see photo above). I made dessert too - homemade apple pie with caramel ice cream for topping.  I do believe I've made up for my weekend absence.

There's a menu plan of entrees for the week too ~ salmon burgers ~ winter spinach salad* ~ noodles chicken divan ~ mexican chicken skillet* ~ salmon & potato scallop. (* denotes new recipes)

Tomorrow evening, Lawman and I are going to the movies with a church group. The church is taking all of the law enforcement folks to dinner and then to see the movie "Courageous." Anyone seen it? I've heard good things about it.

I've been finding myself reading more lately. That happens when the light fades earlier and the temps cool. I've read 2 fabulous books in the last week. I hope to be back soon to share them with you. Are you reading anything you'd recommend? If so, please share.


Anonymous said...

your plan for the week sounds yummy! I have not heard of that movie but have fun. I finished reading A Dog's Purpose on Saturday and am wondering what to read next as well. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

We had roast with carrots too but we did mashed potatoes. yum. I've read a number of good books lately, but two stand out right now - Ellis Island (by Kate something?) and Whistling in the Dark (sequel is out this month I think...) Both good stories

Sharon said...

Okay, that meal looks absolutely delicious!!

Leaving for a weekend makes a family appreciate you more! :)!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

That meal looks so tasty!!