Sunday, November 20, 2011

In the Kitchen

It's Thanksgiving week. Taking that into account, I'd say it's highly likely that the majority of folks will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I have another reason to be in the kitchen this week. The college girl is home!

Oh, yes she is! It is fall break for her so she gets a full week reprieve from classes. She has looked forward to this week with anticipation of sleep, down time and my food. I'm surprised how quickly one misses the comforts of home.

Now, here is the twist. She's decided to go vegetarian. Oh, yes she has. Not totally but she eats meat maybe 1x a week. The cafeteria where she eats has meatless options for every meal and honestly, I am quite proud of her for how well she has stuck to it. It's not an easy thing to go against the grain when you're young and among your peers. She's also been going to the rec 6x a week for classes. 

When Alison decided she was going to do this, she happened to be home for the weekend. She accessed the cafeteria menu on-line and made a spreadsheet for her own weekly meal plan. It's helped her stick to it. Having a plan is always a good thing rather than just winging it. 

So, now that she is home, I decided we'd all eat vegetarian this week with the exception of the big annual turkey meal. Easier for me as I have no intention of preparing 2 options for every meal. 

Today there has been food prep. Chopping veggies for snacking. Baking Oatmeal Streusel Muffins for the week's breakfast. Baking cookies to fill the cookie jar (because the youngest girl will be home more this week too and this is where she goes first for a snack!). I did this yesterday in hopes of simplifying breakfast for the week. What a great idea! Italian Herb Bread is baking in the oven. And soon I will begin the pot of soup for dinner. And then on Wednesday there will be another onslaught of time in the kitchen with baking of pies and all of the other turkey day fixings.

Without further ado, here is our menu for the week:
Sunday: Minestrone Soup,Italian Herb Bread
Monday: Pasta Primavera
Tuesday: Garden Burgers, Pea Salad, Chips
Wednesday: Rice and Salmon Pilaf (new recipe), Veggies
Thursday: Thanksgiving Meal
Friday: Leftovers / Turkey Nachos
Saturday: Penne & Vodka Sauce (new recipe), Salad

Enjoy your week and count your blessings. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y'ALL!


Anonymous said...

your dinner tonight sounds so good. did she give you a reason for choosing vegetarian? just curious.

have a good week. we are going to joe's moms so no cooking for me :)

Jennifer said...

hope it was good.

was vegetarian myself for awhile, i gained more weight than any other time in my life, yes, definitely works better with a plan. contemplating it again.

you are a good mom, planning for this. but heck, we already knew that.