Monday, January 16, 2012

not a typical monday

it's 2:34pm as i sit here. usually i am at work, not home. change of schedule today brought to you by mlk day. first time in my working history that i've had today off. such a pleasure.

it's been a day of mixed blessings. we loaded alison's car this morning and sent her back to campus. we followed her into town (it's only 15 miles) and had lunch with her before she 'officially' left us again. as lawman and i were driving, we had a wonderful discussion about her, about us as parents. we are so very fortunate to have her as our daughter. she's got a good head on her shoulders. she has dreams. she has common sense. she has smarts. she has compassion.

this semester will be a different beginning for her. she's not a 'first time' college student anymore now that she's got a semester under her belt. she knows what is expected of her. what is required to succeed. she has a better understanding of time management skills. of balancing fun with responsibility. yet, it will continue to be a learning experience as she is faced with new challenges. what a wonderful time in her life. i pray that she be like a sponge and just soak it up.

so now it is quiet(er) again on the homefront. alison's bathroom has been cleaned. her sheets have been washed and are back on her bed awaiting her next visit. lawman is preparing to go to work. madison is not home from school yet. i am taking advantage of this time. a cup of hot tea, the computer, a book (which i saw here last week and prompted me to pull my copy out), and me.

i turned to january 16 in my book to read today's writing. i found it to be just what i need during this day of sending one of our own off and the changes we are going through once again.

"...-instinctively i turn to homegrown rituals to restore my equilibrium. there is an immediate emotional and psychological payoff to getting our houses in order. we might not be able to control what's happening externally in our lives but we can learn to look to our own inner resources for a sense of comfort that nurtures and sustains."


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I love this's so calm and crisp and nice. I feel better after having read it...and that quote really spoke to me. I need to read it again...and again...xo

Sharon said...

I LOVE Simple Abundance...I think I may have to get my copy out again too! :)!

Glad you were able to enjoy your day off!

Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed your afternoon. I think I will get my copy of Simple Abundance out too.

it is snowing again - we may get up to 10 inches tonight!! glad I didn't start my job this week.

Jennifer said...

just catching up....have been thinking about that book as well.

you are lucky alison is so close and can get home.

i like what you said about being lucky to have her as a daughter. i feel that way many times too.