Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Changing the Landscape

This flowerbed has been a sore spot with Lawman and me for years and years. When originally planted it was done so with one of those "kits" you can order from a magazine. You know the kind, you see the landscape plan and order box 1, 2, 3 or all of them. A kit of parts. Last year we were so fed up with it that we yanked the smaller plants out at the beginning of the season and just left it bare. Lawman took out the last of the big stuff this season.** I'm sure the neighbors hated it. This year we tackled it.

We had a lady that runs a local nursery come out and look at it and provide a rough layout and list of plant materials. We met with her Saturday and purchased the materials.

The morning was cool and breezy but Lawman and I were on a mission. We worked like dogs but the end result is so worth it. We're both looking forward to watching it grow and take shape this summer.

Plants include: Incrediball Hydrangeas, Golden Meadows Hosta, Pink Saucer Anemone, Daylily and peonies (existing).

**When one removes the big bushes, it makes it evident that the next project is going to be replacing the siding. Ugh. We did the opposite end of the house 2 years ago because it was in bad shape. Guess we'll be doing that again. There's always something.


Sharon said...

It looks great, and it will only look better when everything grows in!

Yes, I hear you about the siding...we have rotten wood that needs to be replaced...no fun.

Denise said...

ha, we are doing the same sort of thing around here! just picked up some landscaping books from the library! your hard looks great :)

Denise said...

wow- lots of exclamation points in that comment...

Jennifer said...

wow. planting is such a big job.

you can't go wrong with those choices though.

love perennials and of course, love, love, love hydrangeas.