Sunday, February 10, 2008

1948. A Good Year.

Today marks another birthday. Another milestone. For my sister-in-law, Sharon.

She's been a member of our family for longer than I can remember. Literally. She and my brother started dating when I was only 14 months old. I was 2 when they got married. I was the flower girl. But the story goes that I slept through the wedding in the back pew.

Anyway, last night as I was celebrating a 50th birthday here, guess who walks in? Yep. Sharon. Turns out that she was there to celebrate her birthday. Remember that I said it was a milestone? She's entering a new decade today. That's right. 60. And that's a good thing. It's a big year for her. She's also going to retire this year. She's been an elementary teacher for at least 30 years. That too is a milestone.

Happy Birthday sister. Enjoy your new decade!

P.S. That 50th birthday I was celebrating last night wasn't mine.

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