Saturday, February 9, 2008

How Many Birthday's Can You Celebrate?

The month of February is a crazy month for our family due to a high volume of birthdays. Between the 10th and the 27th we have eleven birthdays to recognize/celebrate. Isn't that excessive? Too bad we don't own stock in Hallmark.

We celebrate the first of the eleven tonight. And it's a biggie. A doozy. A milestone. One to remember. It's a 50th birthday for our dear friend, Dane. Seen here with his lovely wife.

We're going here for an early cocktail. And then here for dinner. He doesn't suspect a thing so let's keep it quiet.
I'm really looking forward to this evening. Hope the birthday boy has as much fun as the rest of us will. There's nothing better than sharing an evening of fabulous food with your best friends.

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