Saturday, February 2, 2008

Going Home

I went to my high school alma mater last night. My nephew, David, is the Assistant Coach for the boys basketball team and I told him I would come to one of his games.

Going to that game was a walk down memory lane for me. I hadn't been back to a game since 1994 when David's older sister was candidate for Queen of Courts (winter homecoming). And, as it turns out, last night was Queen of Courts so the attendance was high. Which was great for me because I got to see alot of people I hadn't seen in years.

Lawman and the girls were with me. Have you all experienced taking your kids to your high school? It was so hard for those girls to get their heads around the idea that that is where their mother went to school and that yes, I was a teenager at one time.

I had only taken about 10 steps into the gym when 3 ladies hollered at me. So of course I stopped to chat. Lawman is behind me tellin' me to keep movin', go sit down, people are looking. Well, hello. Of course they're looking. They're trying to figure out who in the world these strangers are. So I cut my conversation short and found a place to sit so I could get the family situated. Needless to say, throughout the course of the evening, I did a lot of chatting. I probably got more than my allotted number of words in yesterday! Just ask Lawman.

At half-time,I took the girls out to show them the senior composite pictures. They of course managed to find my senior picture quite humorous. But I wouldn't let them stay focused on me for too long. I focused their attention on locating their many cousins who also graced the halls of this high school. They had a lot of fun, not to mention laughs, doing that.

It was a good night for the Bulldogs as they claimed victory. And a good night for me too.

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