Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bag O'Condiments

I told y'all that we went to winter homecoming at my old high school on Friday. Before the game we had dinner with my folks. I had called the local cafe earlier in the week and asked if they'd be kind enough to have burgers and fries ready for me to pick up. The owner said that she'd be happy to since it was for my folks (they usually don't have the grill open on Fridays as they have a limited menu that evening). She even knew that my folks would prefer potato salad instead of french fries with their burgers. How's that for small town service? I also asked if the condiments could be on the side as Blonde 2 and 3 prefer only ketchup (eeww!). Wouldn't be a problem. She'd have the condiments in a small sack.

As it was almost time to eat, I asked the girls if they'd get the food out and place it on the table. Blonde 3 found the small sack with the condiments. Here's the conversation that followed.

Blonde 3 - "Wow. She sure gave us alot of condoms."

Blonde 2 - "It's condiments."

Blonde 3 - "Oh well, same thing."

You can only imagine the amount of laughter that followed. And continued through dinner. But the girls were the only ones in the room when it happened. So all during dinner they had the giggles. Their grandparents thought it was so "cute" that they laughed like that together. And, their grandma told us about how much trouble she and her sister would get into as little girls when they would get the giggles during dinner and how mad it would make her dad. Which only added to the situation and they would laugh harder. Sound familiar? I know that happens at our house.

So now I'm thinking I better explain the difference to Blonde 3 between condiments and condoms. Wouldn't want her to go to the local cafe and ask for condoms on the side.

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kimj said...

Oh geez... I laughed out loud on that one!! I was wondering if B3 actually knew the difference of those two items! Have you explained it to her yet?!