Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clipart Picture of a Red Heart with an Arrow Through ItHappy Valentine's Day!

Standard procedure at our house is to exchange Valentine's in the morning before everyone heads off to work and school. Girls were quite pleased with their small gifts from Cupid. Lawman and I decided to exchange cards and we managed to have lunch together today at a local authentic Chinese restaurant. Yummy! I emphasize authentic because these folks can barely speak the English language and they write your ticket in Chinese.

Tonight will be a quiet evening at home consisting of an Italian dinner and Survivor.....sounds romantic doesn't it? It probably would be if I'd light some candles and wear my survivor buff. Just kidding!

Hope your Valentine's Day is all you wish for and more!

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Carol said...

My husband is out of town for Valentine's Day :(. But since his birthday is the 12th of Feb, we never really make a big deal of Valentine's Day. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
~Carol (I Throw Like a Girl)