Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hide the Kitten

We have a cat. A psycho cat.

A few years ago our girls thought they needed a pet. They wanted a dog and I said no because it would have required us to build a fence around our back yard. No. Because I like our backyard. It's very open. None of the neighbors have a fence so our backyard looks like one big park. I love it.

Ok, back to the story. No fence was going to be built so they suggested we have an indoor dog. Again, I said no. I'm a farm girl. Animals belong outside. Period.

We'd done fish and the girls said they didn't count as pets because you couldn't play with them. What? Have they never heard of a fish out of water?

Ultimately, their daddy caved. We caved. Lawman is friends with the local vet and of course he said it would be easy to hook us up with a cat. No problem. Well, he was right. Lawman and the girls went to the home of one of the vets clients. Said home had a mama cat with several kittens that were in need of a good warm place to lay their head. Lawman and girls picked one out and brought him home. He was only about 6 or 7 weeks old and all black. Cute little guy.

Now mind you, I'd already laid down the ground rules. I wasn't changing litter. I wasn't feeding the cat. I wasn't watering the cat. Do you water a cat? Whatever. You know what I mean. If they wanted the cat, they got the jobs that came with it. Got it? Got it.

Well, kitty hadn't been in our house long and he disappeared. We couldn't find him for hours. And hours. Did he escape out an open door? Where was that cat? Finally it was bed time and still no cat. Girls were in tears. How could they possibly lose a pet? It hadn't even been 12 hours since they brought him home. You can only imagine the number of tears that were shed. Poor kitty could be outside in the cold and wet. All by himself.

The next day while I was at work I told Blonde 2 to sit quietly on the steps and listen for the kitty. Eventually he'd make a noise. He did. She heard a little meow. But where was it coming from? That kitten had found his way into one of the recliners and in order to get him out, Blonde 2 had to cut away some of the fabric. Ugh! At last, kitty was found.

Guess what his name is? Peek-a-Boo. He likes to play that game. Go figure.

to be continued....


amanda said...


I found your blog via Abbie's Place.

How funny! We also had a psycho cat. After 2 years of craziness - he decided he wanted us to find him a new home. Oh, the stories I could tell about that cat...

Stop by for a visit!

kimj said...

Now what would you do without Peek-a-boo?! Your life would be an empty shell without having a cat around!! :) All you need now is a dog to go with that cat... just let us know when you're ready!

With love,
Your favorite vet's wife