Monday, February 18, 2008

I've Reached Another Milestone

Blonde 2 had her first big high school dance this weekend, the Winter Semi-Formal. It was originally scheduled for December and has had to be re-scheduled twice due to ice & snow. Finally, the big day arrived. Rather than going with a date, she opted to go with her friends, Macy & Bailey. They had a ball together!

Here's Blonde 2....isn't she lovely?

And with her girlfriends.

And with lil' sister.


kimj said...

Oh my... she looks so grown up!! What a cute dress! Hope she had fun with her girlfriends!

Rechelle said...

blond 2 looks gorgeous and I love blond 3's new glasses. She looks even more like her mother!

Nancy said...

Rechelle, blonde 3 would die if she heard those words! But I do agree.

9milemom said...

Wow! my husband is NOT going to like the high school years one bit! Especially not seeing his daughters dressed so grown up!

Have you heard the new Rodney Atkins song: "Cleaning my gun"? It's so funny...having a daddy in law enforcement too he may already have had that plan. My husband has been talking about doing the very same thing ever since our girls were babies!