Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts. We all have them. Right?

Blonde 2 has plenty of them.

The other day as we were driving she says to Lawman and me, "Do you ever think about even and odd numbers? I think even numbers are feminine and odd are masculine."

Lawman & Me - What?

Blonde 2 - Yeah. Don't you ever think about that?

Lawman & Me - No.

Blonde 2 - I think about stuff like that all the time.

Me - I have other things to think about besides the femininity & masculinity of numbers.

Lawman and I looked at each other quite puzzled. I wondered if she really did spend alot of time thinking about things like this. So I asked her the next day.

Me - Honey, do you really think about numbers alot?

Blonde 2 - All the time. If I'm not thinking about boys, I'm thinking about numbers. They're always running through my head. I see a number and then I want to know how many times another number will go into it. Is it divisible by 2, 3, etc.? Always.

Me (to myself) - You're kidding, right? Numbers? When you're not thinking about boys? How often is that?

OK, we're all different. She does excell in math so I'm just going to assume that God wired her brain that way. For a reason.

Then on Sunday, as we're sitting in church she leans over and says, "Have you ever wondered what the purpose of eyebrows are?"

I could think of no response except to tell her I'd seen a special on Discovery that said there are microscopic spiders in our eyebrows. She said, "Yeah, I know. We supposedly eat them when we sleep because they crawl into our mouths."

Heaven help me.

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wordnerd said...

She's brilliant! My numbers were not gender specific, but they had distinct characteristics. I had kind of forgotten about that until I read your blog and had to giggle. Guess it's been a while since I've had time for random thoughts about numbers - now they are just associated with bills and balances and such.