Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take the Plunge

Law-man's idea of fun is a bit skewed. This past Saturday was the annual Polar Bear Plunge at our local state lake. He and a couple of his pardners took the plunge in the icy cold water to benefit Special Olympics. This year's event raised about $30,000 for the organization.
Man, this is gonna hurt.

Dang it's cold!


kimj said...

OMG! Lawman is a nut! Hope he didn't get sick from that little swim!

Rechelle said...

Blondie - your husband is a nut. That is crazy. Absolutely NUTS!

April said...

He's a nut with frozen nuts!

Finally got around to adding you to my sidebar. So glad you started a blog.

Nancy said...

Yes, it was a crazy thing to do but he did have fun. Although, he did freeze his you-know-whats off!

kimj said...

I think it's unanimous... the man is nuts!!

Of course, we've known that for quite some time now! :)