Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'll Take My Saturday Sunny Side-Up

It's going to be a good day. How do I know? Well, it's already started out that way. You see, I'm a morning person. There's nothing I like better than to be able to get out of bed while the house is still quiet and get right to work. And that's exactly what I've done today.

It's 8:40 am and here's what I've already accomplished.

Baked blueberry muffins. The girls and I will be eating them for breakfast. IF they ever get out of bed.

Baked 4 dozen snickerdoodle cookies. These will fill the cookie jar but they won't last long.

Answered emails.

Sorted through the weeks mail which resulted in filing and recycling.

Laundry is going.

And, the most important item for my morning to be complete.....a diet coke on ice! Ahhh.

The girls and I will be heading into town later this morning. B2 needs an outfit for Easter Sunday. B3 needs another pair of jeans for her spring break trip. She'll be going with our youth group to Kamp Kanakuk near Branson for a work week. She's really looking forward to it.

We will also be stopping at the used bookstore as I'm in search of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See for our book club.

Another stop will be the bakery outlet. I refuse to pay $3.45 for my favorite bread at the grocery store. That's just insane. Lawman says I should bake my own. That's fine and all except that I work full-time. How much will you pay for a loaf of bread before you think about looking for an alternative place to purchase it or make your own?

And to top it off, Lawman and I get a date tonight. B2 had an offer for a baby-sitting job and they asked her to bring someone else since there will be 5 small children. So, she opted to ask her sister to help. Isn't that sweet? B3 is thrilled with it because it will mean spending cash for her. Lawman and I will be headed to the $1.50 movie theatre for a viewing of The Kite Runner. We both read the book and loved it.

Last night we rented Amazing Grace. Fabulous movie. I highly recommend it. It is a period film but let me just say that all the British accents make it so worth it. I just love hearing people talk with accents. Plus it's based on the true story behind the song.

Well, B2 just found her way to the kitchen so I better sign off. Enjoy your Saturday.


kimj said...

Okay sister, you are making me feel really lazy!! I was going to get up this morning and get all kinds of things done... plan my menu for the week and start laundry for starters... but only managed to drag myself out of bed at about 10:00 (daylight savings time! We watched a movie until about 1:00 am this morning!) and put a pot of coffee on. But am now at the clinic trying to get a few things organized. Can't wait to hear about The Kite Runner!

Rechelle said...

Uh Nancy - Uh - give me some of that diet coke you are drinking - I could use a bit of your energy.