Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break '08

We're half way through spring break week now. This little gal, Blonde 3, is gone for the week. I miss her. She's my snuggle bunny. She always wants to be near me. She's the neediest of our girls. Always wants to be reassured that I'm not too far away. Most evenings she's at my side whether I'm in the kitchen, paying bills or watching tv. I don't quite know what to do without her.

She called me today. Told me that she's having a good time. Sounded happy. She also called Lawman. She told him that she was ready to come home.

What gives? Does she think she can't tell me that she misses me? This isn't the first time she's been away from home. Last summer she was gone for 11 days on a trip across the Santa Fe Trail. When she returned home, I got the biggest hug ever. So big that I almost couldn't breath. I bet I get another hug like that on Friday night. And I'll be ready for it.

Blonde 2 has been home all week. I think she's enjoyed the undivided attention. She's kept herself busy with her part-time job and a few babysitting commitments. And reading. It used to be that she was always reading something....magazines, books, food labels. Then came high school and all that changed. Other things became more important. Social activities and homework. But this week she spent almost a whole day reading a book in it's entirety. And then she started another one! I think the down time has been good for her.
Tomorrow is her big day. She's getting her learner's permit. Yes, I'm about to enter the realm of parenting with a teenage driver. You know what that means. Higher insurance premiums. Ugh! However, I shouldn't complain. I hear insurance companies are sexist when it comes to rating teenage drivers. Boys are more expensive. I don't know yet how many more pesos we'll be shelling out. I'm still waiting to hear back from the insurance man. I may need a brown paper bag though and a reminder to breathe. In. Out. In. Out.
One more day in my work week and then I'll be on spring break. Yeah, one day. But I'm going to take it and enjoy it. No alarm clock for me. Woohoo!
And tomorrow it will officially be spring. Oh Joy!

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