Saturday, March 22, 2008

Who's in your Bracket?

Well, folks it's happened. There have been some upsets in the NCAA tourney and let me just say that I'm proud as punch that my team was the first one to create chaos.

Yes, the KSU Wildcats beat USC on Thursday. I'll bet not many chose the Cats to win. But win they did and it was a beauty! It wasn't just Michael Beasley and Bill Walker that played well. It was a team effort. Sutton, Anderson, Stewart and Kent all made great contributions to the win. How proud I am to be purple.

Today the Cats take on the Wisconsin Badgers at 3:10. I'll be sporting my purple and cheering for the Cats.

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kimj said...

Well, our Cats didn't win over Wisconsin, but I am sticking with the Big 12 Conference, and going with KU and Texas in the finals! And if that happens, I'll have to stick with my state (not to mention, my son's school) and root for KU!