Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vintage Easter Eggs

My days of coloring Easter eggs are numbered. Blonde 2 thinks she's too old for such things. Lucky for me, Blonde 3 still finds it to be fun. She and I enjoyed some together time today coloring eggs.

Rather than purchasing the PAAS packet or some of the other dye kits available in today's market, we opted for the vintage coloring option. Boiling water, vinegar and food coloring. Just like my mom and I did it.

Blonde 2 chose the colors of turquoise,

red, orchid,

and lime.

The turquoise, orchid and lime were created by mixing two colors together in the ratio indicated on the box.

We got creative with a couple of the eggs and placed rubber bands around them before we placed them in the dye. We removed the rubber bands when they were dried. They have stripes.

See the stripes? Aren't they pretty?


Ann said...

Great eggs! We did vintage too, though Harmony "painted" some of hers with a q tip and concentrated food coloring with vinegar added.

Thanks for visiting my MPM--the recipe for the asian pork wraps is up at

Canadian Saver said...

Those are very nice & colorful! Sounds like a fun activity.

Whittaker Woman said...

I know this is a month late but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting us in Uganda. It was great to know we had friends out there praying and there for us. I just wanted to say thanks. H

Rechelle said...

Those colors are way better than the store bought dyes. I am going to go old school next year.