Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Blast from the Past

Here it is folks. Straight from the 1986 archive file.

What was I thinking? Oh, the horror of the 80's fashion world.

Don't you just love that enormous metalic hair bow? It's bigger than my head!

And the frosty eye-shadow? Pleeease.

You can't see my feet, but I was sporting low, black, lace-up boots with scrunched socks.
So, I'm sure you're wondering how such a rare find has managed to appear. I know I am because I was sure I had buried all evidence of the 80's.
Well, my mother has decided it's time to divide all of her photos among us kids.
My lovely sister-in-law was the lucky recipient of this treasure (her daughter is the gal on the left in the grey sweatshirt). She, being the lovely sis-in-law, that she is thought she should share this treasure. You see, the little gal in the red dress celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday.
Hey sis....please bury this treasure and don't make a map!
(Darn's fouling up my line spacing)

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Unknown said...

Can you imagine that picture was only taken 22 years ago!?! I don't feel much older but last night my dad said I wasn't supposed to. But if it makes you feel better the short lace up boots are coming back in style. . . not so much the hair bow or the scrunched socks. But I remember when I was probably in 2nd grade back in '92 we were all still sporting the very stylish scrunched socks!