Sunday, April 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday #14

Oh my, where does the time go? Seems that last week just flew by. This week will go fast too as we have several out-of-the-ordinary things on our calendars--orthodontist appointments for both girls, doctor appointment, attending a play at the university on Thursday, and attending dinner with friends' on Friday or Saturday.

We stuck with our menu last week except for Thursday and Friday. It was fend-for-yourself on Thursday as everyone was headed in different directions and we had a surprise overnight guest on Friday. My brother was in town for the day and decided to spend the night with us and it just happened to be his birthday.

Here's the plan for this week. With all the extras on our schedule, I hope we can stick to it. Thanks to Laura for hosting MPM each week.

Monday - Honey Glazed Chicken Stir-Fry (carryover from last week)

Tuesday - Smokehouse Spuds (a baked potato topped with leftover pulled pork, shredded cheese, sour cream and bacon) with baked beans

Wednesday - Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad (grilled chicken, penne pasta, green leaf lettuce, parmesan cheese and diced tomatoes with classic caesar dressing)

Thursday - leftovers or sandwiches

Friday - dinner w/friends

Last week I had a few new dishes in my menu and I said I would share them with you if they were keepers. Here are our favorites:

Beef Taquitos - Everyone liked these. I'll definitely be making them again. The only change I made to the recipe was spraying the taquitos with cooking spray rather than brushing them with vegetable oil. They crisped quite nicely.

Italian Cheese Bread - Another one liked by everyone. I served this topped with a hot spinach dip. Even the kids ate it up.

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Kate said...

Those smokehouse spuds sound SOOOO good. I love baked potatoes topped with all kinds of things and I'm definitely going to have to try that!

It sounds like you had a nice week last week...a little variation in the schedule can be a nice thing!

I will post the recipe for curried lentil and potato stew in the next few days (maybe I'll add some pictures if I can remember.) The bananas foster topping is super easy, and I use it on all kinds of things, from oatmeal to ice cream. I don't want to take up too much space to write it out here, but I did post it on my blog previously and forgot to link it. (It's in Feb. archives, titled "My favorite way to use up...")

Enjoy your week!