Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Spring Festival

Each spring our town hosts an annual festival in our city park. We went to the park late Saturday morning to check out the offerings this year. Here's just a small portion of what we found.

Lots of vendors...

Inflatables for the kiddos...

Henna Body Art...

Our old Dutch Mill where they still grind flour.

One of my personal favorites. Windchimes made from old silver pieces.

Another favorite...funnel cake and ice cold water. Mmm.


Mary said...

Hi Nancy,
I love those windchimes!!! It looks like such a fun festival. And the funnel cakes -- well, hell -- now I'm just drooling all over the keyboard. :)

Unknown said...

Aunt nancy,
Now you'll have to tell B2 she can get a real tattoo like the henna one she got and we can have almost matching tattoos like the one on my neck! :) Or do you think Lawman won't like that idea? ha ha

Nancy said...

Not sure what Lawman would tell B2; probably something like "not as long as you're living in my house." However, that may change. Lawman's thinking about getting the Ironman symbol tattoo'd for his 40th birthday after he finishes the Ironman race he's doing in June.

Rechelle said...

No Way! That festival looks EXACTLY like the one in my town!!! Did the girls get henna-ed?

Kate said...

Those pictures are beautiful! It looks like such a fun festival.

I tried to email you, but it got kicked back to me. My email is kmill1322 (LL1) at yahoo dot com.

amanda said...

Yay! How fun! And the funnel cakes look WONDERFUL! Glad you had a wondderful time! I wish you lived closer, too! You would've really loved the craft fair on Saturday - so many fun exciting things!