Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oil & Water

Some things just go together.

Bacon & Eggs

Toast & Jam

Popcorn & Movies

Baseball & Hotdogs

Oil & Water

Uh, no. Oil & Water don't mix. Somedays we don't either. Me and Blonde 2.

Today was one of those days and I feel terrible about it. We had a 'situation' this morning and I didn't handle it well (although let me just say that in my opinion there was no reason for a 'situation' to begin with).
This has lead me to question why it is that hormonal teenage girls have peri-menopausal mothers? Kind of like oil & water, huh?

B2, I'm sorry and I love you.
T H I S M U C H.

1 comment:

Rechelle said...

Nancy! What could that sweet girl possibly have done to upset you!?!?!?