Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things that Go Bump in the Night

Wasn't that a children's book? Last night it is what was going on in our house rather than me enjoying the REM stage of sleep.

I was exhausted last night. Everyone was in bed and lights out by 9:40. I can't tell you how good my bed felt. I know I was sound asleep within a nano-second. So sound asleep that I didn't even hear the garage door when Lawman came home from work.

Then all that hard work to get to bed early went straight down the toilet.

3:30 Bump in the night ~ Kitty was distraught by another cat on our deck.

4:15 Bump in the night ~ Kitty found Lawman's exercise band and decided to get a little early morning workout in.

4:30 Bump in the night ~ Playtime. Kitty discovered a long, lost, noisy toy.

4:45 Another bump in the night ~ Kitty was pestering Lawman. Lawman hurled him from the bed and said, "We'll be having shish-ka-bobs for dinner tonight." How can he come up with such a funny at this hour? I got the giggles and couldn't hardly get settled down to go back to sleep.

5:15 Yet another bump in the night ~ Not only did kitty exercise but he had a tasty little rubberband snack. Anyone with a cat knows what this leads to.

5:30 Alarm sounds ~ hit snooze.

5:40 Alarm sounds ~ hit snooze. Repeat until 6:10 when I finally had to drag myself from bed.

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