Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Living Murphy's Law

Why is it that when you aren't pressed for time things go smoothly?

I've mentioned before that we're within days of the end of school. Blonde 2 is finishing up a biology project and preparing for a final as well. Why is it that when you have a deadline, things never go as planned?

We needed to replace the black ink cartridge in the printer. Simple enough, right? Of course not. No one in town had the correct cartridge. A salesperson at Staples guaranteed me that one they had in stock would work. Who am I to argue? I'm pretty limited when it comes to technical abilities.

Oh, and did I mention that Blonde 2 needed poster board? Well, shame on me for thinking I could purchase it at the local Dollar General. Every other freshman needed poster board too. All 300 of them. Okay, maybe not that many but as luck would have it, they were out when I arrived this evening. So I called my neighbor, who happens to be a teacher, in hopes that she'd have some. Sure enough!

So, back to the printer. Time to install that new ink cartridge. Of course, you guessed it. It didn't work.

Again, I called that teacher friend. Blonde 2 put her project on a jump drive and headed across the street. Oh but this couldn't be easy either. It required more than one trip.

Ah but finally.....project complete. Does Murphy's Law apply if you don't procrastinate?


Ann said...

Nope, it only hits when you're behind :) I hope it wasn't too late of a night!

amanda said...

I wouldn't know... I'm the queen of procrastination. But I've also learned to be the queen of "Plan B." If I couldn't problem solve quickly - I would be one BIG mess.

And to think - they let me run a million dollar restaurant! Ha!