Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday #17

As I mentioned at the beginning of this month, I am trying to stick to my grocery budget ($400 - $450). Kate, Toni and Joy are the reason for this. They've all done such a great job this month. If you haven't checked out their 3 Mom series, I recommend you stop by their sites to see just what it is they've been doing.

I did my second shopping trip for the month this weekend. And it was none too soon either. Our cabinets were empty. Just ask my kids. They'll be more than happy to tell you that, "there's nothing to eat." Do you ever hear that?

I had a lot of non-food items on my list this time (things like garden hoses and such) so I decided to shop at the supercenter to avoid having to make a 2nd stop. My total was $283 and easily $60 of that was not part of our food budget. So, add $223 to the $189 I spent last time and I'm at $412 for the month. I will probably need to go to the store before the holiday weekend as we are going to the lake cabin with friends (their cabin, not ours). I'm helping with food but I have no idea what I need to bring.

This is the last week of school. I took that into consideration as I was preparing my shopping list as it means that the girls and Lawman will be at home each day for lunch as of next week. Blonde 2 has finals at the high school this week which means some short days for her. She'll be home for lunches as of Thursday.

Here's our weekly plan:

Monday - Pork Enchiladas (made w/leftover pulled pork from the freezer), tortilla chips & salsa

Tuesday - Bacon Chicken Crescent Ring, Salad

Wednesday - Dinner out as we will be out of town that evening.

Thursday -

Lunch / Sandwiches & Chips

Dinner / Tacos (making a double batch of taco meat)

Friday -

Lunch / Super nachos (using leftover taco meat)

Dinner / Ham & Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, Fruit

As always, thank you to Laura for hosting MPM. There's lots of menu ideas available here.


Kate said...

Everything sounds so great Nancy! I am definitely intrigued by the bacon chicken crescent ring!

It sounds like you are really doing a fantastic job at staying on budget. I really thrive on the challenge of staying on budget while still being healthy. (I'm sure you could tell that though.)I am so pleased that our 3 Moms series has been an encouragement to you.

Pleas pass along my best wishes to blonde 2 as she takes her finals!

Ann said...

Yes, the bacon chicken ring sounds great! Our local grocery is having a 10/$10 sale on a lot of items, which is good on the budget, but makes me want to stock up too!