Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Defying the Force

Mary has been doing 30 Days of Nothing this month and I've been following along. I'm not really participating but I've been trying to be aware of our monthly expenditures.

Today was hard. I got home from work with zero energy. I thought a protein-packed snack would help. It didn't. I wanted to just lay down on the couch. But, I didn't.

I forced myself to get busy and be productive around the house -- laundry, vacuuming, changing clock batteries, etc. I thought being busy would pep me up. It didn't.

B2 called to say that she needed a ride home from work. Picked her up and she tells me that she needed to go by the school because she forgot her lunch box and could I take her by the library too? Oh but she didn't have her library card and the new policy is now that you MUST have it. So an extra trip home and back. By now it was only 20 minutes until B3 needed to be picked up so we decided rather than go home we would wait in the school parking lot.

When B3 got in the car I was so tempted to head to a drive-thru for dinner. The force of the golden arch was pulling me. I resisted. My phone told me it would automatically dial the pizza place for delivery. But again I resisted.

I forced myself to drive home and prepare dinner. After all was said and done I was glad I did. Tonight's meal was a favorite of the girls, I felt good knowing we weren't eating junk, I hadn't spent extra money and I didn't feel like crap when I was done eating.

And, my neighbor and I went on a walk. As James Brown would say, "I feel good!"


Anonymous said...

wow! for not feeling very motivated you sure got a lot of stuff done tonight!

Owlhaven said...

Aren't you awesome! I've found that if I power through the tiredness I end up feeling better too....

Of course going to bed earlier helps too!