Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Love the Innocence

A few nights ago the girls and I were watching a tv show together. I can't remember now what the scene was but one character says to another one, "He stays for the sex." B3 (the 12 year old) says, "The snacks? That's stupid."

I couldn't help but laugh and so did her big sister. She didn't understand so I told her what they had really said. Didn't seem to make much difference in the story line to her. And whether it be snacks or sex, it's all stupid isn't it? Makes me think they could re-write most of the tv scripts and the stories would still be worth watching or heck, probably even better.

I love the innocence of youth.

P.S. Yes, I know that what the character said sounds completely inappropriate for a 12 year old to be seeing/hearing. And yes, it probably was but please don't holler at me.


Anonymous said...

okay, if I can't holler at you - can I laugh along with you?


'the snacks' :) that's cute. you'll have to remember that story for when she is older and you can embarrass her with it :)
ps - i think your blog is great and i LOVE your recipe journal idea! what a wonderful thing to do with your girls...i think i may be stealing that idea in the future :)

Unknown said...

I think it's ok that the show you were watching talked about sex. If you really only heard what high school kids talked about at school. I was just at a football game this week for Kara's school and was blown away by the things I heard. I don't think my mouth was ever like that 5 years ago when I was in High School and I pray my daughter never speaks like that!

Anonymous said...

I do like snacks! LOL! That's too funny.