Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Branch of the Family Tree

My mom's sister shared this photo with me. It is of my mom & dad taken about 1945.

I love it for several reasons.

1. It's the only photo I've ever seen of my dad in his Army uniform.

2. They're so young. As children, we don't see our parents as ever being young. But they were.

3. They're expressions. They look so somber. I wonder if it was the day that Dad was leaving for WWII. If so, that explains it.

I love old photos such as this. I think it's important that we (the younger generation) preserve these images to share with our children and future generations. It's an important part of our heritage.

Do you have photos of previous generations? Do you have ideas for preserving or displaying them that you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

the picture seems to be such good quality still. My mom put together a small photo album of old pictures for me awhile ago - this prompts me to go look at it again. different times for sure.

Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

I love that picture!

My parents have a framed telegram hanging in their house (actually, it's right outside the first floor bathroom though I'm not sure why). It was from my grandma to my grandpa when he was fighting in WWII. It says...

Dearest. Our shortstop arrived morning April 21. Both fine. Writing all our love.

I treasure that telegram. Even though I've had it memorized since I was around 12, I still stop and read it whenever I walk by.