Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday #31

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It was time to go gather food for the family again this weekend. They seem to think it's necessary to have a stocked fridge and pantry. So as the good wife and mom, I planned my menu for 2 weeks (I'll post it weekly) and prepared my shopping list. I had some other shopping to do too -- new tennis shoes for B3 and a trip to the ever-so-wonderful land of Walmart for household goods.

B3 has complained about her feet everyday after volleyball practice for 3 weeks now. Finally, we took her to the doctor. Her older sister needed arch supports in jr. high so we were thinking it's possible that she did too. No. He said it's because she's worn flip-flops all summer and now she's wearing a shoe with support during practice and it's creating pain and discomfort. He said she should wear a tennis shoe more often than just practice so that was the reason for needing to purchase new everyday tennis shoes. We also got gel inserts at the doctor's suggestion.

From the mall we went to Walmart. The list was pretty simple and everything on it was a necessity but it took $100 to get out the door. Argh!

By this time our blood sugar was getting low so we made a quick stop at Taco Bell for crunchy tacos and Diet Pepsi. 20 minutes later we were feeling much better.

Final stop was the grocery store. B3 did not want to go there. She wanted to go home. I think the fact that she had stayed up until 4am at a sleepover may have had something to do with it. No sympathy from this mom. I told her to suck it up and I'd get her home as soon as we had a cart full. Lucky for her I was prepared with an organized list so it actually went pretty quick. Nice surprise at the register; I had $45 in coupons. Total was $135 for 2 weeks (sounds too good to be true to me but we'll see).

Here's the weekly menu --

Monday - Baked potatoes with broccoli & cheese, salad, garlic bread

Tuesday - Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry, brown rice

Wednesday - Cheesey Potato soup, saltine crackers, fresh fruit

Thursday - fast food as B3 has a volleyball game out of town

Friday - Chili (in the crockpot using leftover shredded beef from freezer)

Yesterday I managed to add to my freezer stock-pile. I made a double-recipe of chicken and rice soup and a batch of Nestle Toll House bar cookies. The girls and I had the soup for dinner, I put 2 portions of it in the fridge for lunches on Monday and the rest went to the freezer for an easy dinner. I put half of the bar cookies in the freezer and the other half in the cookie jar. It feels good knowing that I've got a nice little stash of prepeared meals in the freezer.

For more menu ideas, head over to Laura's place.


Amy said...

Yum! I love chili and it is starting to near chili weather here. I make a big pot of that and eat that with grilled cheese for weeks on end. Thanks for the reminder- that sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

nice work! wow, $135 for two weeks!

I am budgeting $150 every other week at costco and $100 the week in between at the local store.

Lisa said...

I had to tell you that ever since you posted your "almost instant" ice cream it has become a very regular treat at our house. We have so many blueberries, strawberries, and cherries in the freezer so it works out very well. It is nice to know what exactly is in my "ice cream" Thanks so much for a great recipe.