Sunday, September 7, 2008

Somebody Loves Me

It's a special day for Lawman and me. As of today, we're celebrating 17 years of marriage.

I reminded him of that today as we woke to his alarm at 6am. I also told him I'd do it all over again.

Apparently, he didn't need reminding. He left for work at 7am and I was still in bed. Later, as I entered the kitchen there was a nicely wrapped package on the counter. My first thought was, "Shame on him. We said no gifts or cards." That's just like him though.

So then I wondered, "Do I open the package now?" I shook it. Hmmm. It made a noise. I thought it could possibly be new perfume; I need some. I couldn't wait any longer. I tore back the paper and found a box from a jewelry store. In it was a beautiful bracelet. Individual flat stones in browns and golds linked together with silver chains. (Bracelets are one of my absolute favorite things; apparently he knows that.)

I'm wearing the bracelet as I type this morning. It doesn't quite match my green and aqua summer pajamas but I will be selecting my church attire to match.

Lawman will be home from work this afternoon and I'll have to give him a proper thank you. We have a date scheduled for this evening. The girls will be home and we're headed for the city for a dinner out.


Anonymous said...

oh, that is so sweet. Our anniversary is Wednesday. 14 years!!

hope you have a wonderful evening together.

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! How sweet of Law Man to know exactly what you would like. Enjoy your evening!

Unknown said...

Wow 17 years! It doesn't seem like that long ago I was in your wedding. I actually cried at your wedding because I was afraid I was losing my aunt. Funny how that happens! Congratualations! I hope DJ and I are that happy together 17 years from now!

amanda said...

Congratulations!!! And what a wonderful surprise! You have a good man, Miss Nancy!


Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

Happy belated anniversary Nancy. I hope it was a wonderful day. Your bracelet sounds beautiful.