Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Girl and her Pants

When it comes to keeping our youngest in clothes, I'm always a step behind. Or maybe two.

It's been this way her entire life and I don't understand it. She has these growth spurts and suddenly. nothing. in. her. closet. fits.

This year I thought I would avoid that. I purchased new jeans (a single pair) for her in late August thinking that she'd at least have pants for that first cold morning.

In recent days, we've had more than one cold morning and the only pant that seems to fit her is that single. pair. of. jeans. That won't do for a 12 year old. GIRL.

Yesterday she raided her sister's closet for a pair of pants that fit. She was fine with that. Sister was not.

Being the good mother that I am, I spent my lunch hour yesterday scouting the mall for jeans. SALE jeans.

I found some.

There's shopping in the near future for a 12 year old girl and me. The future will be tonight.


Anonymous said...

now just hopefully you will find some that fit! my 10 year old has the worst time finding jeans. hope you have fun!

Anonymous said...

What, you don't want to come to Rock Creek and sit in the cold and rain to watch Ian play football? You'd rather shop?!?!?

Can I come with you?! :)