Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Girl and her Pants Update

The girls and I did go shopping last night. Specifically for jeans.

Guess what we didn't find?

Yep. No jeans.

Never fear, I did not leave the store empty-handed. We did manage to find great deals on other items that were on her list such as long-sleeve shirts, khaki pants and a sweater for church, and athletic pants.

Here's our haul.

We got a deal. 10 pieces for $113. Not bad.

But still no jeans. Let me just share with you that we found a pair of jeans that fit her and in my opinion (which doesn't count) and that of her sister were darling on her. Oh but no. We couldn't possibly buy them. Apparently there are jr. high fashion rules which I am so not aware of. Something to do with the fact that the shoestrings on her tennis shoes were visible?? What?

Shoestrings and shoes were also an issue when we got home and she tried on the cute little fleece pants & sweatshirt. And I quote, "The pants look dorky with my tennis shoes. My feet look huge." Well I hated to break it to the girl but she does have large feet. What could she wear? Well, I did tell her that flip-flops were out and if she wasn't going to be wearing those pants with shoes she already owned that I would return them. I played the bad mom card. Oh the drama.

Girls don't have school tomorrow and I'm not working so once again I'll be hitting the mall to accomplish my mission of finding jeans.

And, last night just reminded me, yet again, why I did back-to-school shopping with one girl at a time. Guess I better pack the Tylenol tomorrow and remember to treat myself to a diet coke!

And on a couple of side notes -- 1) she apologized later for making an issue about her shoes and 2) she did wear the cute little fleece pants and matching sweatshirt to school today. With her tennis shoes. What a dork. (I'm kidding. She was darling.)


Anonymous said...

I had to giggle when I read your blog this morning. I can totally relate. My daughter has the same issues with pants covering her shoes. I don't know where the law is written that their shoelaces cannot be showing, but its definitely out there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

oh, this is all too familiar with me too.

hey, my kids are off school too. I am taking tomorrow off as well.

enjoy every second of it!

Unknown said...

You might want to look for jeans that have "vents" in them. I have the exact same problem as little Maddie does. You can try to find someone who can do this for you or try it yourself. But with regular jeans I just take about 1 1/2 inches of the outside hem out of the outside of each pant leg. Then you can sew them to create an open v at the bottom of each leg. This will help her jeans fit over her shoe laces and will make her feet look smaller.