Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lack of Sleep and Wax Bags

I had to laugh as I was catching up on my blog reading tonight. Tori used the title that I had thought of while I was vacuuming. I am tired. So tired.

It's been a week and I'm only half way through it. Two nights have resulted in less sleep for me because I've not been to bed before 11:30 and my alarm still woke me up at 5:45. It's catching up with me.

Tomorrow is a long day for me as well. I have to work late as our office is hosting a fundraiser for a client. Not only will the day be long but it's also my favorite tv night and I'll have to miss 2 of my shows. Darn it.

And last but not least, I purchased these this week.

Tori made mention here that her zucchini bags were not so environmentally friendly but what's a girl to do. This is something I would do too. It's about the convenience. Jamie said this in the comments.

I love the idea of freezing the bread already sliced, that's too easy. I've tried waxed paper sandwich bags from the restaurant supply, but I don't know if they are any better. What could that wax be made from?

Jamie's comment intrigued me because B2 doesn't like the way her lunch/food tastes if I put it in a ziploc. She thinks it has a plastic taste to it. Plastic wrap is ok, just not the ziploc. We've also used wax paper to wrap her lunch items in. The box says they are "landfill safe" so I interpret that to mean it is biodegradable. Is that right? I thought the convenience of a wax paper bag would be worth it. The bags were pricier than a ziploc. I paid $2.85 for this box of 60 which is about 4.5 cents per bag. Anybody know how that compares to the price of a ziploc sandwich bag? I could find out but I'm too tired to go find an old grocery receipt.

That's all folks. I must go finish the laundry and then get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

I love it... what cracks me up is that "tori" is actually me. sometimes I don't notice that my daughter is signed in to her google account.

I have bought those bags before. Yes, they cost more yet they are more environment friendly and your daughter will like them I am sure.

hope you event goes well tonight. Friday is almost here : )

amanda said...

Only one more day til the weekend! Then maybe you can get some rest and not be in the cross-eyed zombiness state. (That's something I know a little about!)

Hope your day is great!