Friday, October 10, 2008

Morning Chatter

B3 is going to a corn maze and haunted house tonight with friends. On our way to school I went to the ATM to get some spending cash for the girl.

My transaction failed. The ATM receipt said, "Transaction failed. Unable to dispense." (I take that to mean the machine is out of cash, not my account.) ARGH...I'm on a time limit. So off to the local grocery store to cash a check the old fashioned way. ARGH...again. No check blanks.

Quick trip home to get check blanks. Tell B2 what happened.

Her response, "It's because the economy is crashing." Apparently 15 year olds do listen to the news.


Anonymous said...

yikes, nothing worse than having to run around in the morning!

Kate said...

Ya gotta love that logic!