Friday, November 14, 2008

Changing My Attitude

As the Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, I've been giving much thought to what I am thankful for.

When I take the time to actually think about this, my list is long. However, I find that as I go through my day, I don't always have an attitude of thankfulness.

I get frustrated. With things that don't even matter.

no parking place

waiting in line

crazy drivers

not getting a return phone call

children not doing what they are asked (the first time)

not as much fun money left in the budget as I would like


In reviewing that brief list above, it's pretty obvious that in the grand scheme of things, none of the items on my list matter. At all.

So, if they don't matter, why do I expend the effort to be frustrated by them?

I've challenged myself to make a conscious effort to have an attitude of thankfulness for the remainder of the month and to thank my Maker for the bounty He provides. I always remember to thank Him for the BIG things but there are many little things I fail to give thanks for and maybe that's because I take them for granted.

Starting today, I'm going to find something to be thankful for each and every day. They may be big, they may be small, but either way I am going to give thanks.

It has been said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. I'm already behind for the month but I'm willing to start now and maybe, just maybe by early December my new attitude will be habit. Will you join me? Or at least hold me accountable.


Anonymous said...

what a grand idea. I feel as if thanksgiving is getting looked over this year. we have houses with christmas lights up in our neighborhood already.

I look forward to your list - are you going to blog them?

Jenny said...

Nancy, you're on to something here! After what has happened within my family in the last year, I've had to adjust my attitude on some big things. Just remembering the little things each day would help so much. I'm beginning to wonder if that's what loss is supposed to teach us. Oh, to learn it without the pain.

You go, girl! Keep inspiring us.

amanda said...

This is the season for merriment. And giving. And yet it's so easy to be overwhelmed with frustration on a daily basis - to the point that we forget... to say thank you. Right there with you, on the top list as well as the attitude adjustment! Please help keep me on track!

Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

I'm so with you on the 21 days idea. That's what we're doing for November over at H2b@H and it's really working for me!

I, unfortunately, could always use a little attitude adjusting. Thanks for this great reminder. Maybe that should be my next habit to tackle.