Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Economics of Pizza

It was one of those days. You know the kind....long day at work, brain is fried by 5:00 and you arrive home with no energy yet everyone wants dinner. Not only that but it was a gray and wet day which does not afford oneself to large energy reserves.

My drive home was filled with contemplation. Do I go home and make dinner or order out? It turns out that what I had on today's menu wouldn't work because I didn't have all the ingredients and I did not want a last-minutetrip to the grocery store. What could I make?

I remembered that I had a box of Jiffy Pizza Crust Mix in the pantry and I knew I had some pepperoni in the freezer. Maybe I could make pizza rather than order out...


I arrived at home and immediately donned my apron. Time to mix pizza crust - 2 minutes; Pull other ingredients from pantry, fridge & freezer and let dough set - 5 minutes; pre-bake crust - 4 minutes; add toppings & bake - 20 minutes. In just over 30 minutes I had a fresh baked from the oven pizza for my family. Same amount of time I would have waited for the delivery guy to show up at my front door.

My pizza saved me some cash -- pizza cost $3.10 to make; theirs would have been at least $20 plus tip. For less than $6.00 I had pizza, sides (veggies, sliced peaches) and dessert (chocolate pudding).

Oh yeah. I win. Shake your booty. Shake your apron. (Say it like a cheer!)

And the girls were thrilled to have pizza.


Anonymous said...

love the cheer! man, I really need an apron now.

way not to give in to the delivery!!

Amy said...

Sometimes you just need those kind of days! That is when I break out the macaroni or grilled cheese sandwiches :)

JC Mom said...

Why didn't you post a pic of you doing your booty shake cheer! :) love you.