Monday, November 10, 2008

A Girls Day Out

I share my birthday with The Country Doctor's Wife, a.k.a. Rechelle. It was just another day for me but Rechelle finally joined us this year in the "40 and up Club."

Rechelle had an olive lodged in her throat. I just gave her a good whack between the shoulder blades.

Rechelle and I are lucky to have friends like Kim and Jenny. They treated us to a girls day.
They took us to the town of McPherson where we did what girls do best. get the idea.

Our friend, Katie showed up too. Katie and her family moved to another town about 3 years ago so we don't get to see her nearly as often as we would like but McPherson was an easy place for her to meet us. What a special treat!

We made our way up and down the street to check out the local shops.

We stopped at The Cake Lady. Check out Wonderful, locally made baking mixes.
Blood sugar levels started hitting rock bottom so we knew it was time to find some lunch. There was a local cafe that served Mediterranean fare. Talk about a good sandwich -- the Greco -- turkey, hummus, sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach or field greens. Mmm.

We sat down for lunch about 1:00. Shortly after, the lunch line crew joined us in this back room with their sandwiches. They were all young, twenty-somethings (if that) and I'm sure we sounded like a bunch of old hens to them. They may have referred to us as the gossipy future blue-hairs. I hope we didn't sound as bad to them as I think we did.
We took in a few more stops and then decided we better have an afternoon drink. Chai tea for me please.

This little coffee shop was a great place to sit and talk awhile. Our topics of discussion covered the gammet. Not sure they were all appropriate. The lady sitting behind our group heard every word we said. I'm sure of it because when someone mentioned they were going to go find the restroom, she immediately turned around and offered directions. I bet she wanted to weigh in on our conversation at some point during the afternoon.

Must be time to head home. Rechelle overloaded on the caffine. Can't you tell that it's killing her to stay on that couch. Jenny on the other hand looks quite comfy. Just close your eyes, dear.

It was a good day. Any day is a good day when you get to spend it with friends. Thanks girls!


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day with good friends!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the blogging world is pretty sick of us by now! :) But what fun it is for me to see our little trip from 3 perspectives (and 3 cameras!). Thanks for taking the time to get our fun on your blog!

And oh yeah... I'm sure that lady's ears were about to light on fire with our topics of conversation!!

Rechelle said...

Yeah - I think that lady was just about to turn around and give us her own two cents. I wonder what they would have been?