Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love Lessons

I know I've talked about the spirit of Thanksgiving this month more than once but yet again, I have something to be thankful for. My parents. They are celebrating 63 years of marriage today. That's a long time by anyone's standards.

I've been around for 43 of those years and I've learned a thing or two about love & marriage from them along the way. I've probably learned more in the last year than the other 42.

Mom & Dad are both in their 80's now and not well in health. They've experienced a lot of changes this year, the biggest being that Dad lives in a nursing home and Mom is still at home. Mom still drives so each day she takes herself to Dad's place. I know she's the bright spot in his day.

Mom still wants to look her best for her man -- she wears her nice clothes out to visit him, puts on lipstick and perfume. Dad may not notice but others do because they tell him how nice his wife looks. I'm sure that makes him smile.

I've seen more love between those two this year. As a kid, I don't remember seeing a lot of affection between them. We've never been a touchy, feely kind of family. Now I see them holding hands and looking lovingly at each other. I've even seen a kiss or two and maybe even a tear.

I sometimes wonder why that is. I know they've always loved each other but why now are they more affectionate? Is it because they aren't together 24/7? Is it because now that they aren't always busy they have time to dote on each other? Did they take each other for granted for many years and now they realize just how precious the other one is? Let's face it, all couples take each other for granted to some extent. I know I'm guilty of it.

I've tried to focus on that in my own marriage. The not taking each other for granted. I know I still do sometimes but I've tried to be more aware of and acknowledge Lawman's efforts and actions. Simple things. Like saying thank you when he unloads the dishwasher or takes out the trash. Or telling him how nice the lawn looks after it's just been mowed. Or being appreciative of the extra time he spends washing my car on the weekend.

Mom & Dad have set the bar high at 63 years and counting. I pray that Lawman and I are able to share that many happy years together. Thanks for the lessons in love.


Unknown said...

It's truethey have never really been affectionate but I don't know if anyone has ever seen them fight before. Grandma has always been a graceful woman but whenever she was frustrated with Grandpa the worst I ever heard her say was, "Oh Ed". Then she would shake her head and move on. I know I need to learn how to just move on from the small things that frusterate us all. :)

Anonymous said...

that was really thoughtful. They have been married a long time. In these days, people just divorce so quickly that staying married through hard times seems to be the exception.

enjoy Thanksgiving

donna said...

What a lovely story...and such a gift to be able to witness that in your own family.