Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Post-Christmas List

Here's a few things I learned this Christmas.
  1. Start shopping for gifts before Thanksgiving.
  2. It's ok to send Christmas cards out after December 25. Friends & family will still be glad to hear from you.
  3. If gifts don't arrive on time via US mail, it's ok. This just extends the celebration.
  4. Purchasing gifts for each other (spouse) while shopping together is ok. Just don't wrap your own.
  5. If you don't get the homemade rolls made for Christmas dinner, Pillsbury croissants work just fine.
  6. After 3 days of being together 24/7 we could all use a little space.
  7. When playing board games with a 12 year old there's no reason to read the rules. She already knows them all.
  8. Watching hours and hours of movies together is a good way to spend an evening.
  9. After spending days in the kitchen preparing food, it's ok to tell the family they are on their own for dinner. I am not cooking -- no way, no how!
  10. It's ok to eat more than one slice of pie for dessert. More than once a day.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on the everything especially the pie part.


Anonymous said...

I like your rules

Kerri said...

Great lesson!! I got my Christmas photo cards (all 100 of them) out before Christmas Day...however, family and friends are wondering why there's not a family newsletter! I decided that they can call and check up on us instead. :)

Amy said...

Those are great life lessons taught from the holidays :) I agree with them all :)

letterstoelijah said...

Awesome list Nancy! We made Pillsbury rolls and the family loved them... why stress myself out?! :)

Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

Great list Nancy! It sounds like you and the family had a great Christmas, and I hope you've gotten some alone time in there too!

Have a wonderful New Year's and I hope 2009 is a great year for you.

Jill said...

Amen to all of them!

Isn't it SO true about the 12 yr old and rules? My 11 yo knows *everything* and I, of course, know nothing. My 16 and 15 year-olds aren't much better. They do grow out of this don't they?