Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Menu Plan Monday

I'm going out of my comfort zone this week. No menu plan. Yep. I'm home more than usual this week due to the holidays so it shouldn't pose a problem. No specific menu plan but I do have a plan.

I've eaten enough between Thanksgiving and Christmas that I could go on a multi-day fast and be fine. Lawman would agree. He and I have had several conversations over the course of the last 10 days about getting back on track with healthy eating.
We'd like to focus on lean meats and fish, vegetables and fruits; eliminate refined flours and sugars; add exercise; cut back on our caffeine consumption and increase our water intake. Enjoy foods in their natural state.

I know, I know. There are alot of folks declaring the same thing. And yes, we've done it before only to fall off the wagon.

For the most part we eat healthy. I don't do a lot of packaged/processed foods but I also know there is room for improvement. Isn't there always?

So my plan for this week is to use what we have in our pantry / fridge / freezer. I also plan to re-read the healthy cookbooks on my shelf. I have the resources available, it's just a matter of creating a plan and implementing it. Next week I'll have a menu plan in place again.


Brooke said...

i love pantry cooking. it makes me feel like i've done well stocking up. :)

Lisa said...

I have been doing the pantry cooking thing for a few weeks ....partly do to weather and partly to save money :) It feels good to start off the new year with a clean fridge....well at least for me :)

Unknown said...

Enjoy your break..well not really a break.
My mom used to pantry cook. She was good with stocking up.