Sunday, January 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Healthy Eating

I've mentioned here and here that our household is on-board for healthy eating. No more sugary sweets for us.

My menu for this week reflects several new recipes as well as eating from our freezer. If the new recipes are keepers, I'll plan to post them. Our family will be the guinea pig before I put a recipe out here for all.

Lawman is scheduled for orthoscopic knee surgery on Wednesday. He was down and out with a head cold for a couple of days last week so we've got our fingers crossed that they'll move forward with the surgery. We'll know for sure on Tuesday.

Sunday - Bubble Pizza, Salad

Monday - Chicken Barley Chili (from the freezer), Buffins (new recipe for biscuit/muffin type bread)

Tuesday - Mixed Grain Pancakes with Peach Sauce (both new recipes)

Wednesday - Pasta with Bacon & Vegetables (new), Salad

Thursday - Taco Soup (throw together using taco chicken & black beans from freezer)

Friday - Quesadaillas (using veggie burrito mix from freezer)

Saturday - to be determined

Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting MPM each week. Go here to see what others have planned.


Anonymous said...

Your hubby just stopped in and told me about the new eating regimen(sp?)you have him on... fully expected to see 6 meals listed each day!! :) Doesn't sound as if he's very happy with his portion size... poor Lawman!! :)

Nancy said...

Kim ~ He's on this healthy eating plan by choice. You're right about him being unhappy about portion size -- somehow 1 ice cream bar isn't nearly as satisfying as 1/2 of the carton!

Kerri said...

Nancy, I'm thinking Bubble Pizza will be served at my snowy house tonight. I have all of the ingredients. Thanks for posting that recipe. ps I have Spokane pictures on my blog -- amazing inches of snow!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Sounds like a lovely menu. I love the use of Bacon with your pasta. Actually I love bacon with practically anything.

Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

Everything sounds great! I've been looking for a really good mixed grain pancake recipe for a while. If yours turned out good, I hope you'll consider posting it!