Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year | New Faves

Now that the holidays are over, there are a few thousand of us who have in some way, shape or form vowed, resolved or set a goal that has to do with healthy eating or shedding the extra pounds that have found a home on our bums. I'm one of them.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I did this last year too. And probably the year before that.

I did manage to lose a few pounds in the early part of last year and I've managed to keep most of them off. Here are a few of my newly found faves and I've re-stocked my arsenal with them so I'm ready once again.
  • 100 calorie mini bags of microwave popcorn :: perfect for an afternoon snack at work or home w/out feeling like you've given up anything

  • York Mint Patties :: just enough sweet to satisfy yet has a minty taste :: one serving size is 3 patties but I find one patty to be sufficient at only 47 calories

  • A&W Root Beer :: Yes, it has sugar but once in a while a girl's gotta have a treat :: Only 120 calories for the mini (8 oz) can and it's sweet enough that it cures my craving for a snack at 3pm

  • Wheat Thins Fiber Selects :: 15 crackers for 120 calories and very tasty :: add string cheese and it's a complete snack

  • Measuring Cup :: this tool has taught me more about portion size which has been more helpful than anything else

  • CalorieKing :: a very useful resource for calorie counts, especially for restaurant foods :: also available in book form

  • Almonds :: 1/4 c. with string cheese is a great snack :: yes the calorie count is high but you may find that you don't need to eat the entire 1/4 c. and they're good for you

  • String Cheese :: need I say more

  • Ice Cream and Fruit Bars :: we love our ice cream in this house but if we eat an ice cream bar we eat one serving vs. 2+ when we scoop it out of the container :: have you ever measured your ice cream? you might be surprised

  • Exercise :: I know it's cold outside and it gets dark early but you can burn calories in your house :: put in an exercise video, do some crunches, sit-ups, push-ups, stairs (yes, on your stairway) or jump rope in your garage :: better yet, get your kids to join you and make a game of it

Have you discovered any faves or tips that have worked for you? Want to share?

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Kerri said...

Exercise here was shoveling/snowblowing. Now, it's swimming and ice skating! :) I have bags of York peppermint patties in my cupboard. Our last name is YORK so I use them as my calling card. Thankfully I'm not a big snacker when I am at home, even when I'm cooking. But I do have the string cheese and mini bags of popcorn on hand. Hmm, wonder what's for lunch here today! Happy Wed to you!