Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Right Start

First off, let me apologize for the blurry photo. It was early. What can I say.

Breakfast is a very important part of my day. It can set the tone for the rest of it. Sadly, it took me a lot of years to figure this out.

My mom always told me I needed to eat a good breakfast. Turns out she was right.

This winter I've had 2 breakfast meals -- oatmeal or scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast.

I've figured out what I like to mix in my oatmeal. My favorite is brown sugar and dried cranberries. Next would be brown sugar and raisins. This week it's been sliced bananas and this morning I added a few chocolate chips. I won't be doing that again.

I'm not a coffee drinker. I do have a Diet Coke at 8am when I arrive at work. Sad, I know.

Do you eat breakfast? What gets your day off to the right start?


Jill said...

I have to have breakfast or I'm toast by 10 am! I love toast with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey. I like one-eyed egyptians (eggs and toast basically), I love my leftover whole wheat pan rolls toasted with butter and honey.

No matter what, though, I have to have my chocolate milk. I really don't like milk but I love chocolate milk. I tell myself it is my protein for the morning and getting my calcium to boot!

Diet Coke at 8am??? Are you crazy? I force myself to wait until 9 am until I have my Diet Coke!!! LOL


Rechelle said...

from the thumbnail I thought these were blueberry pancakes. I was literally drooling.

Anonymous said...

oatmeal this whole week - premeasured each day to take to work. cheap cheap cheap

Anonymous said...

My favorite breakfast is a low fat Nutrigrain waffle with peanut butter and a slice of turkey bacon on it (or turbacon, as Jordan calls it!) - with a cup or two of coffee.

However, this morning I didn't get that done before leaving for work, so DJ went to McD's and got me an Egg McMuffin and coffee... that'll do in a pinch!

Jenni said...

I'm not saying it gets my day off to the right start, but I like multi grain toast, English muffins, bagels, or for a weekend breakfast pancakes, French toast, or a homemade egg McMuffin. I often can't eat eggs in the morning. My stomach just isn't up for it. Sometimes I just have cookies with my morning coffee.

This week I tried something a little different a couple of times. It's Rechelle's fault. I thought I'd steer away from the carbs for a couple of days. I had yogurt or cheese and apple slices. Old habits die hard, though. Today I'm carbing, out and I don't care. Maybe I'll try the experiment again next week and for longer so I can see if it actually does improve my energy and focus. Maybe.

Unknown said...

Every morning DJ and I have a bowl of cereal - We only eat Honey Bunches of Oats! If we are low on cereal DJ will eat oatmeal or toast. If I am in a hurry I have my slimfast for breakfast instead of with my lunch and it holds me over for a while.