Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Heart is Full

Weekends. I love them. This one has been good.

Madison went to Winter Jam Fest yesterday with our youth group. A very affordable and positive experience for her. $20 paid for transportation, dinner and a ticket to great music, including Toby Mac and Barlow Girl. At 10pm I sent her a text and asked how the concert was. Her response? "It was amazing!" That brought a smile to my face and reaffirmed that we had made the right choice in sending her. Even at 1am when I picked her up she had a big smile on her face as she told me about her evening. Then as we pulled into the garage the days activities caught up with her and she said, "I'm tired." I went to bed with a full heart knowing that our little girl had had a wonderful experience centered around the things of God.

This morning Alison woke to find a text from a male friend waiting for her on her phone. It was a positive message, yet one that causes turmoil in a young girl. To those of us that have left those days behind it may seem trivial, but if we remember back to our youthful days we probably would have had the same reaction. Without sharing details, let me just say that she was quite troubled this morning as we were readying ourselves for church. During the sermon, I noticed that she was writing in her journal. Her prayer journal. I didn't want to invade her privacy, yet I wondered just what she was doing. I read just enough to know that she was having a chat with the good Lord. Again, my heart was full. It pleases me to know that she takes her troubles to the Lord in prayer.

My heart is full.

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Anonymous said...

that is so great. I am happy for you. I absolutely love Toby Mac. That must have been a very good concert.