Sunday, March 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 22 - 28

My week away from my blog 'responsiblities' was so nice. So nice that I may be tempted to do it again relatively soon.

We've been eating out of the pantry/freezer for the past 2 weeks which meant that I was out of everything by this weekend. That produced a very large bill at the check-out today. Not only did we buy groceries but we had many toiletry items on our list which always adds up in a hurry, even with coupons. Fortunately, I didn't pass out as I paid my bill and I'm glad to say that our fridge/freezer and pantry are fully-stocked and can easily see us through 2+ weeks. For me that is such a good feeling.

We've had beautiful spring weather recently which has turned my thoughts for menu planning to foods such as fresh asparagus and the need to fire up the bbq grill which we did both yesterday and today.


Bratwurst on the grill, baked beans, hashbrowns (tonight)

Spinach Pie (a quiche w/out the crust), Toast, Fruit

Taquitos (a variation of this recipe using shredded chicken meat instead of ground beef), chips & salsa, veggies & dip

Cuban Beans & Rice (crockpot)

Fish Tacos ~ a new recipe I saw on a recent Taste of Home email

Lemon Linguine with Shrimp, sauteed green beans, garlic bread

For more menu ideas, check out Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.


Anonymous said...

this sounds like a really yummy week. May I please come over?

Amy said...

I still need to try that lemon linguine! Your menu plan looks delicious as always!

JC Mom said...

Wanted to tell you that I made Grandma Griffin's Deviled Beef Patties last night. Ali would have liked to have been here because we had the corn dip with it. We also fried pickles in honor of the last night of spring break. Yummmy. We are actually having the leftovers tonight. I may use that recipe for meatloaf. The spices are good...

Rechelle said...

I want some fish tacos.

Jack Glen said...

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