Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Homemade v. Blue Box

On tonight's menu board ~ Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower + Spinach Salad

I didn't have a head of fresh cauliflower as called for in the recipe so before I left for work this morning I cooked a package of frozen cauliflower, put it in the fridge with plans to chop it this evening. Trying to decrease my prep time. Parent meeting for jr high track to attend after work.

Fast forward to post parent meeting. Tired. No desire to cook. Dear daughter asks the dreaded question, "What's for dinner?" on the way home. Mac and cheese is my reply. Her face lights up. "Homemade or box?" she asks. "Homemade," I say; "Is that ok?" She says yes, she just wants whatever is fast because she's starving.

My brain is telling me I have a blue box in my cabinet which would be faster. Is that what I should make? My brain is also telling me that powdered cheese just isn't right. Homemade would be much better. Not only that but I have a real aversion to that blue box. I think I ate too much of it during college. I can't hardly stomach it now.

Within 20 minutes I had noodles boiled and sauce made. Chop a salad and call it good.

The blue box is still in the cabinet.


Anonymous said...

just throw the blue box away or donate it even better. we love homemade mac and cheese. although i cave to the Annie's brand of mac and cheese once in a while.

Shannon said...

good for you. growing up I ate a lot of junk food. a. lot. but somehow I always had an aversion to that blue boxed stuff or cheetos - anything with powdered cheese really. like you said - it's just not right.

One thing that I have found as a stand in cheese sauce is just melted butter, grated cheese and a bit of garlic powder. I do this with peas for my toddler. Steam peas. Add butter while still hot. Grate cheese over. Add garlic powder. Stir and eat. And eat and eat.

it is those little decisions every day that make a big difference so kudos to you!

Nancy said...

Shannon~ I can't wait to try that the next time I serve peas. Sounds yummy.