Monday, March 30, 2009

Lucky Me and a Book Review

I've been reading Mary's adventures in parenting at Owlhaven for about a year. A few weeks ago she was hosting a giveaway. A giveaway for one of her books. Yes, hers. It was my lucky day! I won.
There's always an abundance of activity in Mary's home with ten children ~ some are biological, some are adopted from Korea and Ethiopia. All are hers and all are loved. She has a big heart. (Not to mention the size of her garden.)

She has the same issues every mother does, just on a larger scale than the 'average' family. She's expected to have a meal on the table at a reasonable hour, her laundry can turn into a mountain if she doesn't keep on top of it and yes, she even has kids who don't want to go to bed or clean their room without a fuss.

In her book she shares insights into her family and how they manage. Organization, money, bed times, activities, schooling, friendships ~ these are issues that all mothers deal with. Mary shares tips, tricks and methods that she and her husband have found to work for them. I have a much smaller family than the Ostyn's yet much of what she shares applies to our family as well.

If we're honest, don't all mother's have the same desires for their children? We want what is best for our children no matter where we live, no matter what our socio-economic status, no matter the language we speak. To be loved, healthy, confident, well educated and successful are things every mother wants for her children. So whether you have a family of 1, 2, 6, or more, I'm sure you can relate to what Mary says and find a common thread.

There's more to come. She's recently written a cookbook to be published in the coming months.

(Update: Mary's got a giveaway up today for another copy of her book. Get yourself over there now and sign up! You can thank me later if you win.)

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Anonymous said...

oh, you are so lucky! I'm jealous. this was a thoughtful post though. You are right (again)!