Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Game of Life

Unexpected storm.

Cancelled swim meet.

Opportunity for family game night.

Only in the 'game of life' can one live a full life in 20 minutes and end up with lots of money in the bank.

And we crossed another item off of the Summer Bucket List.


Anonymous said...

sweet! it seems like rain is everywhere these days. we have clouds but no rain. weird.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Ahhh..the bucket list. Believe it or not we've been so busy so far this summer that I haven't needed to pull from ours yet! This week the boys are both at an all day/all week baseball camp...from 9-3. I'm like a princess all day with nothing to do...yeah right.

Anonymous said...

so, i'm just going to admit it here and be the party pooper.

I hate the game of LIFE. I will play any other game before it and I don't even know why, I loved it as a child, but my own mother just admitted to hating playing it with me, so maybe it's genetic.

but i'm all about game nights.

Nancy said...

underthebigbluesky ~ The game I can not stand to play is Monopoly. Loved it as a kid. Hate it as a mom.