Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life is Full

Life has been a bit overwhelming as of late. Calendar is full. Multiple deadlines at work. Too much pressure.

When I find myself feeling like this, I turn inward to find comfort, tranquility and peace.

And, I find that it's not a bad thing. I like being with me.

I find comfort in simple tasks and activities.

Reading ~ mindless reading, specifically cookbooks.

Gardening ~ I find it relaxing to water the plants and pull weeds.

Baking ~ there's something soothing about mixing, creating.

Household chores ~ folding laundry and doing dishes can be relaxing ~ must be the repetitive nature of these chores and the fact that they don't require much thought.

Eliminating clutter ~ it's freeing.

Quiet moments with family ~ no words required; it's nice to just be.

What do you do when life is too full?


Anonymous said...

i love this post!

so many of these are my favorites...last week i had just HAD IT and I went outside and started pulling weeds for five minutes, then I was like, okay just this little bit more, okay just this little spot, now just this bit and pretty soon i was so wrapped up in it i forgot everything else.

-reading, always a plus.

-folding laundry (only if it's towels, i love folding them in a trifold and then folding them over.

-dishes, always helped by the warm water.

-baking, well yes, while it happens, but then i get overwhelmed by the mess (i am a very messy cook).

the other thing that helps me is sweeping. i do it every night before i go to bed, no matter how tired i am, it's like clearing out my head along with the floors.

i so appreciate that someone else finds peace in the domestic!

Anonymous said...

um, let's see - quit my job : )

love your list and this post. I feel the same.

Kaylovesvintage said...

walking on the beach , ALONE

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I love this post...and wish that's how I handled things! Instead, I panic and cry and get anxious. Then...I realize I can only do one thing at a time one DAY at a time and I get a grip. And really...if I think about it...I do read and be quiet and garden and take pictures...but I am usually beating myself up about it thinking I should be doing something more productive. But in reality..taking care of my self IS productive...for me AND my family.

Thanks for posting this...I needed some food for thought this morning.

Nina Diane said...

I agree with you on those things...they relax me. Especially watering the plants, garden and hosing off the deck and patio. It's like therapy for me!

Denise said...

This is exactly what I need to put on my to do list this weekend. Life has been too overwhelming here too with a lot of year end deadlines at work, VBS, Camp for daughter, family birthdays/wedding/retirement celebrations, and I'm just worn out. So, I'd love to plant something, bake something, wash lots of things, and maybe have some wine with hubby on the back porch while we grill and watch the kids play. :) Hope you have a nice weekend!

Lisa said...

Being alone. Sewing. Reading. Chopping veggies (I don't so much like to cook them, but I like the repetitiveness of chopping.)

Jenni said...

Tonight I took the time to sit outside and watch the sunset with a glass of blackberry wine in hand. It was a beautiful sunset with early fireworks, lightning, and fireflies going off in the foreground. It would have made for some beautiful photos, but I didn't want to interrupt the moment to go get my camera. Ahhhh. That's what summer is all about.

Beegirl said...

Oh yes... all of the above!
Such a wonderful post. I also love to read in the bathtub. I'll stay in there until I am a total prune!

Beegirl said...

Nancy - I just wanted to stop back again to say thanks for the kind thoughts and words about little Ramie. I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful day!